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Our History

The Weymouth Society was incorporated in 1961 with the intention of providing secure and supported housing for active elderly people. It was formed by a group of caring and prominent local citizens led by Mrs Legh. She was a local and county councillor, former mayor, alderman of the borough, local magistrate and chairman of several other local organisations. She was the inspiration and driving force but there were other who played a substantial part:

  • Miss MacPherson donated the land off Wyke Oliver Road where the first house was built.

  • Allison Blundell, a local businessman and philanthropist played a huge part by generous donations of money and business acumen.

  • John Garnet-Jones, a local solicitor and Michael Coyne, a local chartered accountant provided their professional services free of charge

  • John Stark, the architect, drew up all the plans which we believe was free of charge and engaged local builder Blackwell to erect MacPherson House at a very favourable price.

  • The finance for construction was provided by the Weymouth Corporation who made a long term loan, secured like a mortgage and at a favourable rate of interest.


The Weymouth Society is affiliated to the national Abbeyfield Society and follows its basic aims but was and is to this day independent. We are registered as a charity but operate as a non-profit making organisation so that each resident pays a proper rent designed to enable the Society to pay its way. The committee invited local persons (including themselves) to commit to making an annual subscription for a minimum period of seven years under what was then known as a deed of covenant.

- Malcolm Thame (Chairman Abbeyfield Weymouth Society)

"I enjoy serving as Chair of the Abbeyfield Weymouth Society. I am very impressed with the way staff at both of our homes support the residents and that our residents are a friendly bunch and get on well with each other."


Our Mission and Values

As one of the societies in the Abbeyfield family we share the same important mission and values; our mission is to to enhance the quality of life for older people by providing a home with high quality accommodation and a stimulating environment to maintain a socially active community that will directly benefit the mind, body and soul.

The Weymouth Society aims to deliver excellent care, therefore all our staff and volunteers are committed to following these values:

Caring – as an organisation we encourage and support new ideas from our residents, volunteers and staff, and by learning through discussion we appreciate each others’ differences and will adopt suggestions which improve the service that we provide.

Open – we encourage and support new ideas from residents, volunteers and staff and will adapt to suggestions which improves the service that Abbeyfield provides.

Honest – as individuals, we will each lead by example so that residents, volunteers and staff will have confidence in the integrity of Abbeyfield.

Respectful – respect is something we understand we have to earn. We earn it not only by valuing each other as individuals, but also by working hard to develop relationships with our residents, volunteers, staff and the communities in which we operate.

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