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We are currently looking for:​​

  • Volunteer - House Visitor at Legh House

  • Volunteer - House Visitor at MacPherson House

Role Description: 

Care home environments are one area that need a great deal of volunteers, for residents often get lonely and thrive from interaction with visitors. Residents who don't receive family visitors and room-bound individuals who have no outside contact especially benefit from the time spent visiting with a volunteer. Companionship not only boosts the mood but it is actually therapeutic.

Whether you read to residents, talk to them, or simply sit quietly with them for a while, every minute you give them means so much. This is obvious on many of their faces that brighten up during such an interaction. You'll note how they respond to your efforts, and just a smile is all it takes to reach someone.

To apply fill out the form below or call Legh House on 01305 773663, and MacPherson House on 01305 833229

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