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Accommodation at MacPherson House

The House


Day to day responsibility for running of the home rests with the house manager (Val). The house itself is a single storey and was the first building purpose built for the Abbeyfield Weymouth Society. There is a dining room and a sitting room with a TV. Communal areas and corridors are nicely decorated. The house also has

The property also has a garden with a large lawn, which residents are welcome to help actively upkeep. Each bedroom is carpeted as well as en suite facilities, and private telephones and TVs can be installed, but the resident must meet the cost of connection and running expenses. Residents are expected to supply their own furnishings, bed linen, towels and personal possessions. Residents are also permitted to provide a private kettle and toaster. The house is heated and each room is fitted with thermostatic control valves. All bedrooms and shower rooms have emergency call bells and there is always a night staff member on duty.


As a supportive house, MacPherson House seeks to provide comfortable home for the elderly who, although reasonably fit for their years, are no longer comfortable living alone. The house provides security and the companionship of a small household which could become the focal point for friendly contact within the community. Abbeyfield Weymouth is well known for our friendly, homely atmosphere, due to strong co-operation between everyone involved; the manager, staff, residents, committee members, and helpers. There are no distinct rules other than common courtesy and respect for other members of the house. There is a no smoking policy in force at the house and the house is fitted with a fire alarm system. Every resident is always welcome to invite family and friends to visit and perhaps join you for a meal or a special celebration. No one has the right to enter rooms without the resident's permission, so there will be as little disruption to residents as possible. However, certain staff members (cleaning, utilities, etc...) will occasionally need access to rooms, but staff members are required to knock and wait for a reply. Of course, resident's visitors are always welcome and residents are able to entertain guests in their rooms. Abbeyfield residents are also free to continue with local organisations or other social groups. MacPherson House admittance is limited to those who are able to bathe unaided and have responsibility for their own personal hygiene. It must be stressed that MacPherson House is not a nursing home, although in case of a temporary illness or indisposition all proper care will be given. In the event that the resident's general health and ability deteriorate such that in the opinion of either their own doctor or the society's medical advisor they can no longer look after themselves with safety, unfortunately such residents will be asked to find alternative accommodation with the help of the next of kin/sponsor. If you are looking for residential care, rather than supported living please refer to the Legh House information page. Residents are free to make suggestions or comments along with any complaints, which can be made verbally or in writing. Every resident has the right to talk with the House Manager at any time. It is also general practice for the House Chairman and members of the house committee to visit the house regularly. They hold meetings every Monday morning (except bank holidays) where residents are free to discuss any matter. Application for residency is accepted from all persons regardless of race, colour, nationality, religion, ethnic or cultural origins, disability, marital status or sexual orientation. The Abbeyfield Weymouth Society insures the building and its own property, and resident's furniture and belongings up to a value which will be discussed during residency application. However, residents are advised to arrange their own insurance cover on top of this.


The two main meals of the day are prepared by the House Manager or a member of staff and are taken in the communal dining room. Residents prepare their own breakfast, although certain provisions for thesee meals are provided by the Society. Special dietary requirements can be catered for and we make notes on each residents likes and dislikes. Birthdays and other special occasions are celebrated, and family/friends of the resident can have their own separate party or can take part in a communal dining room group. Hot and cold drinks are served by staff at regular intervals, but it is always possible to ask for additional drinks at any time. 

Day-to-Day Life

Rooms and communal areas are regularly cleaned by our domestic staff, but residents are responsible for their own daily bed making and dusting. There are utility rooms where residents can deal with their own personal laundry. Bed linen and towels are laundered by in-house staff. Residents may arrange for a hairdresser and chiropodist to visit as well as other services such as newspapers.

Staff Training

The Abbeyfield Weymouth Society depends on having a highly skilled, well trained workforce. Staff are trained in food safety, first aid and fire safety, and other relevant mandatory training. Additionally, Moving and Handling, First Aid and Fire Training sessions take place as required. In addition we fund other training sessions that are available to promote the best practice throughout the home. A motivated team of volunteers join with staff to provide quality services to its residents and assure them and their families that the care given meets the 'Abbeyfield Standards'. There is also a house committee for MacPherson House that runs within the Abbeyfield Weymouth Society. In all situations the house committee works closely with the manager.

More about the local area around MacPherson House

If you wish to schedule a visit to MacPherson House or have any questions, please contact us:

Email: (House Manager)

Telephone: 01305 833229

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