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The Local Area Around Legh House

Legh House is situated on Rylands Lane in Wyke Regis, Weymouth. The road itself is quiet and peaceful, with the only source of noise being during school opening/closing times due to proximity of All Saints Secondary School. However, due to the isolated location of the house near to an allotment area the noise rarely gets loud enough to disrupt the residents. The house is only a 5 minute walk from a cluster of small shops and a local library, GP surgery and dentist. Additionally, at the bottom of Rylands Lane there is access to the Rodwell trail, a lovely coastal trail that offers beautiful views of the surrounding harbour and beaches. At the top of Rylands Lane, onto Buxton Road (about a minute walk) there are bus stops that head both to Portland, and Weymouth Town Centre. We also can rent a minibus which we can use to go on outings to local events. We are also lucky to be next door to the Wyke Regis Horticultural Society which often hosts flower shows.

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